Directors' Message

Along with the Industrial revolution, vocational and technical education is also required to remove the poverty and low living standards in Pakistan. Without this we cannot achieve the dream of a developed country neither we can use our resources in the best way.

If we want to be at the level of the developed nations then it is very much essential to teach and train our man power with the professional and technical education which is to be accepted in both inside and outside the country and which can also fulfill the need of our home industry.

As we know that the living standards in the whole world are getting more and better. And the key to meet these standards is the professional and technical education and without this it is just like to be soldier in the battlefield without his weapons. We are seeing that daily new inventions are taking place in the world and so we are also required to be at the level of understanding these inventions and techniques.

We can see in the history that only those nations have progressed who gave value to their professional people and their professions. So, this modern world of new rule is demanding from us that we should do hard work to bring the industrial revolution in our country and should adopt the professional and technical education for our youth.

In 1990, Rawalpindi Polytechnic Institute, accepted this challenge and started this journey from the famous city of Punjab, Rawalpindi, by opening its first technical education institute. This Institute started to offer three years Diplomas of Associate Engineering to its students so that these professionals can make their and their families’ future bright by getting the professional and technical education.

We make sure to the respected parents that if they want to make the future and career of their children bright and secure then they should certified their children with three years diplomas of associate engineering from our institutes as the coming era and world will be for those who are qualified with technical and professional education.