DAE Electronics Technology

Description about Electronics Technology

The need and requirement of Electronics Technology is getting more and more due to the new syllabus. In this diploma students are taught about the workings of equipment such as amplifiers, transistors, transducers and fiber optics.

Electronics Technology diploma and degree programs provide students with an understanding of electronic circuitry and electrical theory. Through a combination of lab work and classroom lectures, students learn how to apply this knowledge to install, service and repair a wide variety of electronic equipment.

Career in Electronics Technology

After getting diploma is Electronics Technology you can get good jobs not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

Some of the job opportunities are:

  • Electronics Technician in Telecommunication companies
  • Sub Engineer in Pakistan Air Force and other Defense Forces
  • Sub Engineer in Radio, TV, and other broadcasting organizations
  • As an instructor in Engineering Institutions
  • Sub Engineer in Atomic, SUI Gas, NDC
  • Pakistan Railways and Civil Aviation
  • And many more fields in all over the world