Directors' Message

Along with the Industrial revolution, vocational and technical education is also required to remove the poverty and low living standards in Pakistan. Without this we cannot achieve the dream of a developed country neither we can use our resources in the best way.

If we want to be at the level of the developed nations then it is very much essential to teach and train our man power with the professional and technical education which is to be accepted in both inside and outside the country and which can also fulfill the need of our home industry.

As we know that the living standards in the whole world are getting more and better. And the key to meet these standards is the professional and technical education and without this it is just like to be soldier in the battlefield without his weapons. We are seeing that daily new inventions are taking place in the world and so we are also required to be at the level of understanding these inventions and techniques.

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Abdul Waheed Khan

Abbas Khan

Muhammad Azeem

Ch. Muhammad Bashir

Our Vision

Contemporary sustainable technical vocational Education and Training, Human Resource Development, Employment, Changing life style. Industrial expansion and national economic growth.

Our Mission

Execute the principals and action of works to ensure the standardized Diploma Engineering Educational and basic trade course Training.

About RPI

Rawalpindi Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is affiliated with Punjab Board of Technical Education, Lahore.

RPI was founded in 1990 and the state of the art four story building of RPI is located on the Tipu Road, near 200 yards from the Moti Plaza, and in front of Rawalpindi Medical College.

Diploma Associate Engineer (D.A.E.) is a three year course which is equivalent to A-Levels or Intermediate or Higher Secondary School (F.Sc.) but with a higher level of technical skill level. These diploma courses are conducted in affiliation with Punjab Board of Technical Education, Lahore.

The diploma courses offered at RPI shows that you are capable of extended study at university level, and that could be valuable, especially if you want to go on to further professional or academic training or study. The courses are designed to increase the professional and technical skills of students within a profession or extend your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.

Our Affiliation

Rawalpindi Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is affiliated with Punjab Board of Technical Education, Lahore.

PBTE is Corporate body established, Under an Act called Punjab Board of Technical Education (Amendment) Act 1971 to Control, Develop and Regulate Technical, Commerce & Vocational Education in the Province of Punjab.

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passed out students

We have an handsome figure of the passed out students in all technologies

satisfied parents

Parents of the students studying in our Institute are highly satisfied


Students have successfully completed their practical projects which have polished their skills more

years of experience

Alhamdulillah RPI has a vast experience in serving the Nation by providing quality education to all